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Enea Trading is a significant participant on the electricity market in Poland. It has many years of experience in the trading of electricity on the SPOT Market , and on the Forwards Market, executing transactions on the trading platform and on the OTC market. The company has been an active member on the wholesale electricity market since 2014 and has the status of  ‘Market Maker’ on the Polish Power Exchange.

Enea Trading offers professional services in the field of portfolio management in the short- and long-term horizon, minimizing market risk. By using a flexible approach to the customer, it is able to provide services that meet their individual needs.

Moreover, Enea Trading provides services, not only as a Commercial Operator, but  also as a Commercial-Technical Operator  for the entire Enea Capital Group. Company carries out tasks related to the obligatory purchase of the electricity, which has been generated from renewable energy sources localized in the area where  Enea SA performs the tasks of the official seller. It also provides services for settling transactions on the wholesale electricity market.

As a member of the European Energy Exchange, and  EPEX Spot Enea Trading takes part in a cross-border exchange and is also an active participant on international energy markets.

Natural Gas

Enea Trading is an active participant in the wholesale of  natural gas market in Poland, conducting operations on the stock market (Power Exchange SA), as well as on over the counter market (OTC).

The company is responsible for the contracting of natural gas to the customers of the capital group, Enea S.A., protecting customer’s position in the long- and short-term  horizon.

Enea Trading holds a concession for the import of the natural gas from abroad and is a participant in the Gas-system Auction platform, allowing it to import natural gas to the territory of Poland in the framework of utilization of available capacity allocations.

Property Rights

Enea Trading is an active participation on the property rights market.

The company is an active participant in both markets operated by the Polish Energy Exchange S.A., SPOT and the OTC market. It handles the security portfolios of property rights for the Enea Capital Group and operates on its own account.

CO2 emmision allowences

Enea Trading pursues its strategy of protecting CO2 emission rights in the Group Enea. It is active on international markets, and as of 2014, has been working on the most liquid market for the trading CO2 emissions-the ICE Exchange Futures Europe. It includes transactions on derivative financial instruments and the SPOT Market.

Enea Trading is responsible for the optimization of portfolio management of CO2 emission rights in order to maximize the value of CDS. The company has remarkable  experience in hedging and speculative transactions. Recently, it has been carrying out a transaction with OTC cooperating with prestigious outside entities.

Generation fuels

Enea Trading acts main role as a  portfolio manager of the purchasing of fuel, services related to the purchase of fuel and logistics services to entities belonging to the Enea Capital Group.

 Enea Trading has years of experience in the organization of the supply of fuel. The company manages the portfolio of the purchasing fuel for the summary volume of 6 million tons, which includes coal, biomass and fuel oil.

Enea Trading is also responsible for the optimum planning and implementation of fuel purchasing and logistics services, and maintain stocks of fuel at the level required by law.


Innovative Origination Office ENEA Trading Sp. o.o offers energy management services for renewable energy sources and generators with high flexibility. We have many years of experience in trading energy carriers on energy exchanges, including foreign ones, and optimizing our own generation of Enea Group - including hydro, wind, conserved and virtual power plants.

By acquiring the production capacity of the electricity produced by the energy producers, we are introducing an integrated portfolio for the power exchange, ensuring better utilization of the generating capacity of the generating units, which translates into the optimization of their operating profit.

The most important asset of the Origination Office is the selection of optimization solutions to the specific requirements of customers, profiles of electricity production and market conditions.

For client:

• We create dedicated products and services based on wholesale trading in energy, coal, natural gas, and property rights of varying degrees of complexity.

• We offer both fixed-price and index-based products depending on risk-taking and expected returns.

• We carry out complex commercial transactions that allow us to generate a specific value for their business, and which are not available to companies without direct access to the stock market.


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