History Group

It all began in 1904 in Grobla street in Poznan. It was there that in October 31st the first Poznan plant was officially launched. It supplied electricity to the residents of Poznań for the next 50 years. It was located in the vicinity of gasworks, which had been operating for over half a century next to a waterworks station. The electricity was then produced by 3 gas engines, and initially had a voltage of 110 V, which was increased to 220 V after a few years. The electricity was also generated by turbines thanks to the cooperation with the city's local water supply company. Grobla was also supported by the tram power plant whose sole task was to supply the city’s traction .

Until the end of World War I the power plant in Grobla street met the needs of the city. But after two years of an intensive development of the city  it became clear that the plant reached the limits of its capabilities. As the old power was not suitable for expansion or modernization, it was decided that a new one should be put up. It took a few years for the city authorities to collect the funds for such an important investment. The new power plant was erected in 1929 in Grabary, a place previously acquired by the city from the army.

Both power plants operated continuously during the Nazi occupation. At the end of the war the power plant in Garbary was affected by the intense struggle for the Citadel, and so was closed down for several months. The old plant in Grobla street functioned incessantly without problems until 1954. Then, after an extension the Garbary was able to handle on its own the demand of Poznan at that time. After a decade, it was decided that it should be transformed into a combined heat and power station and a new power plant be erected in Karolina district.

Initially, the care of the first power plants in Poznan was held by the Department of Power, Light and Water (Zakład Siły, Światła i Wody) transformed from Gasworks and Waterworks Company (Zakład Gazowni I Wodociągów). After the war, they devolved the entire infrastructure for the production of the current to the Union of Power Industry of Poznan District (Zjednoczenie Energetyczne Okręgu Poznańskiego). After several years Szczecin joined the institution and the whole organisation was transformed into Western District Power Plants (Zakłady Energetyczne Okręgu Zachodniego). In subsequent years, there were many organizational changes which led to establishing the Poznan Department of Energy (Zakład Energetyczny Poznan) in 1976. Power plants themselves formed a Power Plants Group (Zespół Elektrowni).

Key changes came after 1989. The most important decision was made in 2002 by the Minister of Treasury – a number of energy providing companies, i.e. Energetyka Poznańska SA, Energetyka Szczecińska SA, Zakład Energetyczy Bydgoszcz SA, Zakład Energetyczny Gorzów SA., Zielonogórske Zakłady Energetyczne SA were all merged into so called Western Group (Grupa Zachodnia). The year after it was renamed Grupa Energetyczna Enea SA.

2007 was the year of the most intensive activities for the group. Firstly, a new company for managing the distribution network called Enea Operator was created. Secondly, the state-owned power plant company Elektrownia Kozienice joined in. Finally, with the help of Credit Suisse, Enea SA began a preparatory process in order to enter the Stock Exchange. The IPO took place on November 17th 2008, bringing an increase of 1.3%  in the share value in relation to the issue price. Back then, investors had to pay 15.6 zł per share. Two  years later, in 2010, the share price peaked at almost 25 dollars. Enea is quoted on WIG 30 index, where the largest companies from the Warsaw Stock Exchange are listed.

In 2012 the headquarters was moved from Nowogrodzka 11 to Grójecka 1. In order to further consolidate the group the Kozienice power plant was renamed Enea Wytwarzanie (Enea Producing, PLC)

Currently, the Enea Group is a modern manufacturer, supplier and distributor of electricity. It embraces almost 2.4 million customers and a 12.5% share of sales in the retail market of electricity in Poland. Our distribution network covers 1/5 of the country, mainly in the North-Western regions. Nearly 8% of the energy produced in the country comes from our power plants, and Enea Production SA in Kozienice is the country's largest coal-based producer of electricity.


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