Offer for home

I Basic offer

This offer of electric energy supply is intended for customers connected to the Enea Operator network and for whom Enea provides a comprehensive service.


  • ROUND THE CLOCK ( G11 ) - Simplicity in the first place. The same price around the clock.

Choose if you:

- use electricity for basic needs

- do not use electric heating

  • TWO ZONES ( G12 ) - Practical tariff divided into two time zones - a cheaper and more expensive one.

Choose if you:

- use electric heating

- use electrical appliances ( e.g. washing machine, electric cooker ) during the cheaper night zone

  • WEEKEND ( G12w ) - Flexible tariff with a special rate at weekends and on public holidays.

Choose if you:

- use more power at night and on holidays

- use electricity to heat up both rooms and water


II Offer with additional benefits package

We offer household customers the following products:

  • ENERGY + Savings

Fixed energy rate from ENEA and benefits package from Getin Bank.

  • ENERGY + Peace of mind

Double protection by ENEA and PZU .

  • ENERGY + Fixed Price

Fixed electricity rate from 2014.


  • Thrifty Home

Special household offer with up-to-3-year-fixed-rate guarantee.





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