Business Profile


We are one of the largest energy groups in Poland. We produce electricity, transmit and sell it to homes and businesses. Our services are available to consumers all over Poland. Our transmission lines are located in north - western part of the country. The power plant produces energy in Kozienice, 75 km from Warsaw. Our head office is located in Poznan. In total, we employ over 10 000 people. We sell electricity to 2.4 million customers, including individual consumers, small and medium-sized companies, as well as large industrial plants.


We operate on the basis of the Capital Group which brings together several companies. The leading role in the Group is played by Enea SA which is responsible for the sale of electricity. It has been listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw since 2008. Another two key companies belonging to our Group are responsible for the distribution of energy (Enea Operator) and for the operation of power plant in Kozienice (Enea Wytwarzanie) . We sell energy throughout Poland distributing it in West Pomeranian, Lubuskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Wielkopolskie voivodeships. In these regions we have 112,000 km of power lines and more than 35,000 power stations.


Kozienice Power Plant is, in turn the largest power plant generating energy from hard coal in Poland. Currently in Kozienice, we are carrying out one the most important investment in the Polish energy sector. 13 % of the Polish electricity will be produced there. Modern technologies will provide unprecedented efficiency, at the same time minimizing negative consequences for the environment. Thus, our plant will become one of the largest and most advanced systems in the world. Apart from generating energy from hard coal, we produce it on wind farms, in hydropower plants and in biogas plants. We systematically increase the share of green energy sources and our current flows to almost one in ten homes.


Since 2014 we have consistently been realising a new development strategy. Thanks to it, in 2020, we will be a fully integrated energy group .Our mission is to build customer confidence and increase the value of the Group. By this time, we are going to invest over 20 billion Polish zlotys. The money will be used primarily for the expansion and modernization of power plants and transmission lines, and for the development of green energy sources .


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